Care of the environment is central to our business. Henzell Enterprises Limited is committed to sustainable development and corporate responsibility. Our objective is therefore to carry out our business in such a manner as to minimise the effect on the environment whilst continuing to provide value to our customers. It is therefore the policy of the Company to:

  • ssess the environmental aspects relating to both design and operational activities and implement appropriate measures to minimise potential environmental impact;
  • Take steps to prevent pollution or other environmental incidents;
  • Make efficient use of energy, materials and natural resources;
  • Minimise waste through reduction, re-use and recycling strategies; and ensure that it is disposed of properly;
  • Identify and meet our legal responsibilities and other environment-related obligations;
  • Carry out work with due consideration for the local residents and ecology;
  • Promote wider understanding of environmental issues amongst our employees through communications and training;
  • Promote the adoption of good environmental practices by our suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.

Management are responsible for ensuring that this policy is understood at all levels of the Company and that effective management systems are implemented. They shall also monitor performance and set appropriate targets to provide a focus for environmental improvement.

All employees shall maintain an awareness of the environmental implications of their work, and have a responsibility for ensuring that this is carried out in such a manner as to minimise the environmental impact.
This Policy Statement shall be displayed at all working locations.