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Chicken Manure and PAS100 compost delivered and spread.
Full soil sampling service available. Please contact us for a quotation.

Henzell Enterprises offers a wide range of agricultural services using modern and well maintained machinery. Full or part jobs can be done depending upon customer requirements.

Cultivations and Sowing:
X2 Five furrow ploughs
X1 Philip Watkins Tri-Till (sub-soiling disc and double D packer) One pass cultivation or used to work ploughing.
X1 Philip Watkins 3m front press with hydraulic paddles.
X Machio 3m Combination drill with using disc coulters.

Muck Spreading:
X2 15ton Bunning Muck Spreaders with sludge cake kit and radar controlled floors to achieve an even accurate spread.

We can spread Chicken manure, FYM, Compost, Sewage sludge and paper waste. An even spread over 12m is achieved with all materials
Spreaders are loaded with a 15 ton excavator. This speeds up spreading operations and leaves the tip site clean and tidy.

Slurry spreading:
X2 3500 gallon tankers.
Both tankers are equipped with rain guns and LGP tyres.

Lime & Fertiliser Spreading:
X1 AS120 Agri-Spread lime spreader.
Variable rate Lime and Fertiliser spreading. Using Trimble 750 for Variable Rate and Auto-Steer for accurate spreading.
A loader can be supplied for larger jobs.

Round Bale silage or Clamp Silage.
Full or part jobs completed.

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